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Fruit Trendy

So how about a 5 minutes break for everyone but not the regular or typical tea and biscuits. This is more nourishing; add value to you occasion and actually more filling than tea. You have people gather around while they serve themselves.

Mercywealth Giftens

Mercywealth Giftens is known specifically for: Excellent Ushering/Protocol services, Surprise Package Deliveries, Souvenirs/Hamper preparation and distribution.

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Omoye Mercy

Student at Benson Idahosa University

Wow. This is so mind blowing. Made my work a lot easier, as i dont have to start searching for halls myself. Great one guys, keep it up.

Ifeoma Mbanefo

Design Freelancer

Entertinment made easy for me. Now i simply get every kind of services i need and i love the pricing system also. Its PARTY TIME

Ufuoma Tobi

Director of Travel Agency

It's a nice concept. I can say i had a good experience so far.

Zainab Gidado

Research and Tourism

U guys are the bomb. I love the cheap rates you offer and quality of service. I will definitely come back for more. winks

Kofoworola Asagade


I tried you guys out, and i give you a pass mark. Great job

Paul Odia


this is such a relief, has to a large extent eased the stress that accompanies planning for big events.